Avoiding caries and periodontitis as far as possible and preserving your own teeth onto old age – this is quite possible nowadays. In addition to your own daily dental care, this requires regular dental prophylaxis.

The most important component here is professional tooth cleaning, because there are areas in our mouths that cannot be cleaned sufficiently even with conscientious care. This applies, for example, to the interdental spaces and the gum line. In several stages of professional tooth cleaning, bacterial plaque is removed, especially from hard-to-reach areas, the tooth surfaces are polished and the enamel is fluoridated.

Oral health:
The risk of dental caries and periodontitis is significantly reduced.

Dental aesthetics:
Superficial tooth discoloration is removed, and the affected teeth subsequently appear brighter and more beautiful.

Freshness effect:
In addition, your teeth are smooth, clean and your mouth is hygienically fresh. Even bad breath is reduced. You will have a feeling of having had a “new set of teeth”.

Tooth preservation after periodontitis:
As part of periodontal post-treatment, it helps bring periodontitis to a permanent halt.

For patients with healthy teeth and gums, at least two professional tooth cleanings per year are recommended. For implant patients and patients with gum problems, shorter intervals are usually required. We will gladly give you individual advice on this.

The check-up includes an examination of the oral mucosa. If any abnormalities are detected, they are treated or clarified by a laboratory.

Smokers have an increased risk of disease. Among other things, they are more likely to develop oral cancer. If oral cancer is detected early, the chances of treatment are usually great.

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