In the meantime, many patients would like to have metal-free dental restorations – either because they are suffering from metal intolerance, they would like to exclude possible problems and disturbing influences on their general health, or because they have higher aesthetic demands.

Our practice offers the following services for this purpose:

  • All-ceramic crowns and bridges: all-ceramic crowns and bridges have no metal base; they are made of 100 percent ceramic. Therefore, they are highly compatible (biocompatible) and look absolutely natural – as if it were a real tooth!
  • Amalgam-free fillings, ceramic inlays: We offer amalgam-free, long-lasting and aesthetic filling therapy with multi-layer composite fillings and high-quality ceramic inlays that are virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth substance.
  • Ceramic implants (metal-free): In addition to classic implants made of titanium, we offer ceramic implants: Ceramic is metal-free and is characterized by very good biological compatibility. These implants are therefore suitable for patients with metal intolerance, for example. Furthermore, they allow for particularly great aesthetic results.

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