Root canal treatment is the only way to preserve a tooth with an inflamed or dead “nerve”. The less favorable alternative would be tooth removal.


Special procedures for tooth preservation:
Treatment requires experience and modern procedures because root canals are often hair-thin and have protrusions, narrowing and branching – especially toward the root tip.

To increase the chances of success, we therefore use modern methods and technical aids:

  • For more precise work and finding even fine canals, we use magnifying glasses.
  • We cover the tooth to be treated with a rubber dam to protect it from bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • For the most effective cleaning and preparation of the canals, we use an electronic root length measuring device and mechanical instruments. Thanks to our device with highly flexible, reciprocally (back and forth) rotating nickel-titanium filings, we often succeed in efficiently treating even difficultly curved root canals.

If the inflammation does not heal despite careful root canal treatment, it can be repeated (revision treatment). Only then, if necessary, is an apicoectomy indicated.

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